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At Red Tape Music Academy Guitar School in Belfast you are taught by the best – Stuart Magowan is a professional Music Artist & Tutor Who has played with some of the world’s finest musicians.


For over 15 years I have worked hard and been fortunate to travel the world playing in and with world famous international bands and artists.Now settled back in Belfast teaching guitar,I bring this practical experience to my students who have various musical aspirations whether they wish to play as a hobby, wish to develop professionally, or wish to make their existing musical career and performance better. At Red Tape Music Academy Guitar School the tuition I focus on for guitar and bass guitar is from absolute beginner through to advanced, song writing, performance and theory lessons.

Watch this space: Very soon we are going to rebrand to ‘ Belfast Guitar Institute ‘ and have a new web domain name www.belfastguitarinstitute.co.uk

Red Tape Music Academy Guitar School Belfast

“When I first started playing guitar I tried learning from the Internet with not much progress. Stuart’s teaching has allowed me to progress much faster than I could have imagined”.Charles, 19 from Belfast
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Belfast’s Finest Guitar School

Flamenco GuitarMany of my private guitar students and school students love the sound this guitar produces acoustically by transmitting the vibration of the strings to the air as opposed to relying on electronic amplification they learn how to master the fundamental structure of guitar playing.


Tiesco 1968 GuitarElectric or acoustic in popular styles from absolute beginners to advanced standard. Looking at aspects such as chord knowledge, Blues progressions and scales,rhythm and groove techniques,arpeggios,harmony,playing songs,song destruction.
Squire StratocasterAbsolute beginners to advanced in popular styles. Looking at aspects such as rhythm and groove techniques,tone,phrasing,building up speed and consistency,articulation,dynamics and listening skills.Playing pieces,learning arpeggios for soloing and most importantly jamming!
ABOUTUS02Don’t let the words ‘Music Theory ‘ put you off !
But the simple truth is by understanding some fundamental aspects of rhythm, scales, reading music and chord harmony your musicianship will improve greatly and your palette of musical ideas to draw upon on will be greatly increased also.
4 track 2Having spent the past twenty years in countless ensembles and bands writing, recording and releasing records I have gained invaluable experience as a songwriter and composer

Red Tape Music Academy Guitar School Location – 133 Albert bridge Road, Belfast –
With easy Parking on The Mount Street.

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Unlike other Guitar tutors...Stuart is a Professional Music Artist who has toured the world....The Red Tape Music Academy Guitar School is a creative environment that we know you will love.

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